AYA NEO FLIP, Another Handheld Game Console Powered by AMD Ryzen 7 6800U APU


Aya Neo is now well known and present as a manufacturer of gaming handhelds and currently has numerous new products in the pipeline. The company has now announced a new device, the Aya Neo Flip, which basically follows the concept of the Steam Deck, for example, and is intended to bring more demanding PC games to a handheld. AYANEO has now released the AYANEO AIR series of OLED handhelds, up to R7 5825U, which will be available soon. In the fourth quarter of this year, AYANEO will also launch a number of handhelds equipped with the R7 6800U, including the AYANEO 2, the AYANEO SLIDE handheld, and the AYANEO FLIP flip handheld announced today. 

This year, the company is expanding its lineup in a big way with a bunch of small computers, including the upcoming AYA Neo 2, AYA Neo Air, AYA Neo Air Plus, and AYA Neo Slide. Now it looks like there's at least one more model on the way. Meet the AYA Neo Flip. The full picture of AYANEO FLIP has not yet been announced, and it is expected to be still in the design. From the naming point of view, this handheld uses a flip-up display, and the screen size is expected to be 7 inches.

Although there is not much information about the AYA NEO FLIP yet, but according to the AYA NEO timeline, the AYA NEO FLIP is coming with the most powerful chipset like the AMD Ryzen 7 6800U based graphics chip. Inside the Radeon 680M iGPU on the RDNA 2 architecture. Another point that AYA NEO has confirmed for sure is that the AYA NEO FLIP will come with a 7-inch screen, where the device will be in the form of a foldable device. (Expected to be similar to the old game console of Grandfather Nin (Nintendo) like Nintendo 3DS) fans will have to keep following. 

That means it will look more like a Nintendo DS or a GameBoy Advance SP than a Nintendo Switch. Instead of a screen in the middle with game controllers on the left and right sides, you'll have a screen that flips up to sit above the controllers, or folds down over the controllers for easy storage. As a result, the analog sticks (and possibly other buttons) appear to be recessed so they don't hit the screen when the lid is closed.

But all we have to follow is a rendered image released by AYA. It is possible that the design will change before the release of the AYA Neo Flip. This image also shows four shoulder buttons and a fairly small bezel around the screen. So while the AYA Neo Flip has a larger screen than some of the company's other laptops, it will likely be a reasonably compact device.

It's not the only AYA laptop with an expandable display on the horizon. The company's upcoming AYA Neo Slide has a screen that slides up to reveal a keyboard. In other words, if the AYA Neo Flip is like a Nintendo DS, the AYA Neo Slide is more like a Sidekick , Sony Vaio UX or GPD Win 3.

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