Beelink Introducing SER6 MAX 65W High Performance Gaming Mini PC With Ryzen 7 7735HS


Beelink, a renowned manufacturer of mini PCs, made waves earlier this year with the launch of the SER6 Pro VEST (vest) version. Boasting the powerful Ryzen R7 7735HS processor, this barebone system caught the attention of tech enthusiasts with its impressive performance and affordable starting price of $300. Now, Beelink has officially announced the upcoming release of the SER6 MAX 65W High-Performance Gaming Mini PC, which retains the R7 7735HS processor but unleashes its full potential with a 65W power limit.

One of the notable differences between the SER6 MAX and the SER6 Pro VEST lies in their appearances. The SER6 MAX is expected to feature a fresh design and incorporate an innovative cooling system to handle the increased power output. Turning to the specifications, the R7 7735HS processor packs a punch with its 8 cores and 16 threads. With an acceleration frequency of 4.75GHz, it surpasses the R7 6800H by 0.05GHz. The core display remains unchanged with 12CU RDNA2, and the GPU frequency stands at 2.2GHz.

At present, Beelink has not provided any official information regarding the specific launch date and pricing details for the SER6 MAX. However, industry speculations suggest that it will likely be more affordable compared to the GTR7 model, which boasts the powerful R7 7840HS processor. Potential customers eagerly await further updates from Beelink regarding the release and pricing of the SER6 MAX, as they anticipate a budget-friendly option with commendable performance.

The SER6 MAX represents Beelink's continued commitment to delivering high-performance mini PCs at competitive prices. The combination of the Ryzen R7 7735HS processor and the unlocked 65W power limit is expected to provide gamers and power users with an exceptional gaming and computing experience. With Beelink's track record of producing reliable and feature-rich mini PCs, the anticipation for the SER6 MAX is growing among tech enthusiasts.

As the gaming industry continues to evolve and demand for compact yet powerful gaming systems rises, Beelink's SER6 MAX aims to offer a compelling solution that strikes a balance between performance, affordability, and space-saving design. Gamers and enthusiasts eagerly await further details from Beelink regarding the release date and pricing of this exciting new addition to their lineup of mini PCs.

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