GPD WIN Mini Handheld Internal Test Underway, Pre-Sale Details Revealed


In a thrilling development for tech enthusiasts and handheld gaming aficionados, GPD has officially kicked off the internal testing phase for its highly anticipated GPD WIN Mini Handheld device. With this milestone reached, the company has also unveiled the pre-sale pricing structure for the WIN Mini, as well as provided updates on the status of the WIN 4 2023 and G1 pre-sales.

Internal Testing and Teaser Content

The GPD WIN Mini Handheld internal testing phase is now in full swing, marking a significant step towards bringing this cutting-edge gaming device to the market. The internal test units of the WIN Mini have been delivered and are being distributed to internal testers for evaluation. To satiate the curiosity of eager fans, GPD has shared a sneak peek into the device's capabilities through a series of captivating photos and videos. These tantalizing visuals offer a glimpse into what the WIN Mini has in store for its future users. 

The company has expressed its intention to gradually release more information about the internal test results as they become available. This transparency reflects GPD's commitment to refining the device and ensuring a top-notch gaming experience for customers.


Pre-Sale Details and Pricing

In tandem with the internal testing phase, GPD has revealed the pre-sale pricing details for the WIN Mini Handheld. Underlining its dedication to offering a fair pricing structure, the company has set the pre-sale price of the WIN Mini at par with the WIN 4 2023. This strategic move not only gives potential buyers a clear reference point but also underscores GPD's emphasis on value and consistency across its product lineup. 

It's worth noting that GPD WIN Mini will not offer a 1TB version. This decision stems from the understanding that many users already possess a 1TB SSD for potential replacement, thereby providing flexibility to tailor the device to individual preferences and requirements. As a delightful bonus, each GPD WIN Mini will come standard with a USB 3.0 OTG adapter, as showcased in the shared videos.

At the same time, the configuration and pre-sale price of WIN Mini are also released!

WIN Mini Configurations, Pre-sale Prices, Retail Price List




pre-sale price

retail price

















Progress on WIN 4 2023 and G1 Pre-Sale

For those who have been eagerly anticipating the WIN 4 2023 and G1 devices, the wait is almost over. The pre-sale phase for both models has concluded successfully, with customers now proceeding to make their final payments. GPD has confirmed that the first mass-produced units of the WIN 4 2023 have already arrived and are poised to be shipped promptly once final payments are settled.

Due to the prevailing challenges in the supply of main control chips, GPD has announced that there will not be a second wave of pre-sales for the WIN 4 2023 and G1 at this time. The company's decision reflects the commitment to delivering high-quality products while navigating the complexities of the current market landscape.


Anticipated Release and Beyond

With the WIN Mini Handheld internal testing phase underway and pre-sale preparations in motion, the anticipation surrounding GPD's offerings continues to build. Barring any major issues identified during the internal testing, GPD aims to open the pre-sale for the WIN Mini Handheld at the end of the current month, providing eager gamers with an opportunity to secure this exciting device.

As with any product unveiling, GPD emphasizes that the content shared thus far—including videos and images—is for reference purposes and that the final product may vary. The company's commitment to delivering an exceptional gaming experience remains unwavering, promising a future that is both thrilling and immersive for gamers of all stripes.

In conclusion, GPD's recent updates have further ignited the excitement surrounding its lineup of gaming handhelds. With the WIN Mini Handheld's internal testing phase in progress and pre-sale details revealed, gaming enthusiasts have much to look forward to in the coming weeks. As the company continues to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of technology, it remains dedicated to delivering innovation, quality, and excellence to its valued customers.

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