Zhiyuan Robot Unveils Expedition A1: A Leap Forward in Intelligent Robotics


In a groundbreaking announcement that captivated the tech world, Zhiyuan Robot's founder, Zhihui Jun, introduced his brainchild to the public— the "Expedition A1" humanoid robot. This momentous event took place during a live press conference, where Mr. Zhihui showcased the culmination of his vision and hard work since departing from Huawei at the end of the previous year. 

The Journey to Innovation

Zhihui Jun's journey from being labeled a "genius boy" at Huawei to becoming the architect behind Zhiyuan Robot has been nothing short of inspiring. His drive to explore the uncharted territories of intelligent robotics led him to part ways with one tech giant and establish his own path, eventually bringing forth the remarkable Expedition A1.


A Glimpse of the Expedition A1

Standing at an impressive 175cm and weighing 55kg, the Expedition A1 is a striking humanoid robot that exemplifies Zhiyuan Robot's commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation. The robot's meticulously designed structure boasts more than 49 degrees of freedom, enabling fluid and natural movements that mimic human motion. With a remarkable weight-bearing capacity of 80kg and a single-arm load capacity of 5kg, this robot brings exceptional utility to industries seeking automation solutions. 

Cutting-Edge Engineering

One of the Expedition A1's standout features is its advanced joint motor system, boasting a peak torque of 350N m and equipped with water cooling technology to ensure optimal performance even in demanding scenarios. The incorporation of an anti-joint design in the legs grants the robot expanded operational space and a remarkable speed of up to 7km/h. This blend of precision engineering and thoughtful design underscores Zhiyuan Robot's commitment to creating a robot that can seamlessly integrate into various industries. 

A "Dexterous Hand" with Finesse

The Expedition A1's hand is a marvel in itself, featuring 12 active degrees of freedom and 5 passive degrees of freedom. Equipped with a fingertip camera, this hand can discern the color, shape, and material of objects, while simulating pressure sensitivity. What's truly remarkable is that the overall cost of this intricate "dexterous hand" is less than 10,000 yuan, showcasing Zhiyuan Robot's dedication to democratizing advanced technology. 

Technological Prowess and Performance

Under the hood, the Expedition A1 is a technological powerhouse, boasting a computing power of 200TOPS. Outfitted with an array of cutting-edge sensors including RGBD cameras, lidar, IMU (inertial sensor), and a microphone array, this robot is primed to interact with its environment intelligently and autonomously. During the press conference, the Expedition A1 confidently walked onto the stage, showcasing its independent mobility and adaptability. 

A Bright Future 

When it comes to the pricing strategy, Zhihui Jun stated that the long-term target hardware cost of the Expedition A1 will be meticulously managed within $27,500. Zhiyuan Robot's initial focus will be on deploying the Expedition A1 within new energy manufacturing and 3C manufacturing industries, with collaborations already established with leading companies in these sectors.


Zhiyuan Robot's unveiling of the Expedition A1 marks a pivotal moment in the realm of intelligent robotics. With its advanced capabilities, exceptional design, and a visionary founder at the helm, the company is poised to revolutionize the way industries approach automation. As the Expedition A1 embarks on its journey into the world of manufacturing, it carries with it the promise of efficiency, innovation, and a future where intelligent robots work alongside humans to drive progress.

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