Kailh Revolutionizes Handle Solutions with Cutting-Edge Rockers and Switches


Kailh switches manufacturer has unveiled a comprehensive suite of innovative products, encompassing rockers, micro switches, and more. This groundbreaking development promises to revolutionize various industries, including gaming, drones, industrial equipment, and automotive sectors.

Hall Rocker Series: Pioneering Precision and Efficiency

At the forefront of Kailh's latest offerings is the Hall Rocker Series, a remarkable innovation poised to redefine user experience. Leveraging sophisticated technology, these rockers boast unparalleled accuracy and versatility. Equipped with cutting-edge sensors that detect minute magnetic fluctuations, these rockers translate such data into precise analog voltage outputs, facilitating seamless control signal conversion.

The Hall Rocker Series, comprising variants such as the CJP1311D, CJP1311A, and CJP1675D series, introduces a paradigm shift in control mechanisms. Notably, the Kailh 3D Hall Rocker stands out for its ability to control both the X and Y axes with a single chip, a feat previously requiring two chips. This consolidation not only enhances efficiency but also broadens the spectrum of applications, spanning from gaming consoles like PS4/PS5 to drones and industrial machinery.

Key specifications of the Hall Rocker include customizable power consumption, sensitivity adjustment within the range of (1 ~ 9) mV / Gs, and exceptional return accuracy of ±5%. Additionally, its linearity is tightly controlled within ±3%, while maintaining low output noise and an impressive lifespan of 5 million rocking cycles.

Carbon Film Rocker: Traditional Excellence Reinvented

In tandem with its foray into futuristic Hall Rockers, Kailh has also introduced the Carbon Film Rocker, catering to traditionalists and mainstream users. This offering, exemplified by the JP1311 series, seamlessly integrates with existing setups, presenting a hassle-free replacement for popular models like the ALPS RKJXV series.

Highlighted by its robust construction and all-in-one package design, the Carbon Film Rocker embodies reliability and longevity. Noteworthy features include controlled partial pressure error, operating torque of 12± 4mN.m, and an expansive usage angle of up to 27.5 degrees. With a rocker potentiometer lifespan exceeding 3 million cycles and a switch pressing durability of up to 1 million times, this series ensures enduring performance.

Tact Switches and Micro Switches: Versatile Control Solutions

Complementing its diverse rocker portfolio, Kailh offers an array of tact switches and micro switches tailored for game controllers and various applications. Tact switches, characterized by their responsive metal shrapnel mechanism, enable seamless circuit connectivity upon user interaction. Conversely, micro switches employ a snap-action mechanism, facilitating rapid circuit control with minimal contact spacing and high sensitivity.

These switches, renowned for their reliability and swift response, cater to scenarios necessitating frequent activation and precise triggering. Their compact designs and robust build make them ideal for a myriad of applications across industries.

Partnerships and Adoption

Kailh's comprehensive handle solutions have already garnered acclaim from prominent brands such as Flydigi, Beitong, and GAMESIR, solidifying its position as an industry leader. With its commitment to innovation and excellence, Kailh continues to spearhead advancements in handle technology, promising enhanced user experiences and unparalleled performance across diverse domains.

In conclusion, Kailh's latest unveiling marks a watershed moment in handle solutions, epitomizing a harmonious blend of cutting-edge technology and time-tested reliability. As industries embrace these groundbreaking innovations, the possibilities for enhanced control and functionality are boundless.

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