OnexPlayer Mini Ryzen Edition Review - Best Handheld That Can Play AAA PC Games


PC games are not as convenient as mobile games and can be played by turning on the mobile phone. Playing PC games requires certain device support, such as: laptops, desktop computers, handles, etc., and may also affect playing PC games for some reasons, such as: often When you are on a business trip, you don’t have time to play on the computer at home; even if you have time to play on vacation, you have to take care of the children before you play for a while, or you are nagged by your wife who doesn’t like your games, and you are only allowed to play with your phone in bed for a while before going to bed; The state of the waist is not good, and it will hurt after playing games next to the computer for a long time.

Take me as an example. I prefer to play some PC online games and some action and decryption games on Steam . I also have computer mainframes, mini-computer mainframes and laptops at home, and the performance is okay, but I am like an article. As I said at the beginning, I often travel for business, I don’t have time to play at home, and I don’t like to use the keyboard of my laptop to play games. I can’t always bring an extra keyboard when I travel or go out, which is very inconvenient. In fact, I also have game consoles like PS5 , but the TV at home has been "occupied" by children for a long time to play cartoons, so I have no chance to play.

Therefore, in response to the above needs, some domestic manufacturers have begun to launch " PC Console handhelds", so as to create a gaming experience that can play AAA PC Games anytime, anywhere. 

So, what this article is going to bring to you is the 7-inch new product of the one-stop handheld that was launched recently: OnexPlayer Mini Ryzen Edition elegant white (also called AMD version) review experience, like I will be sleeping now I used this PC handheld to play DNF before; I played games on Steam while commuting to work or on a business trip , not to mention how cool it is. 

However, you may be surprised that there are so many DNF buttons, and the OnexPlayer Mini Ryzen Edition has so few buttons, is it enough? Don't worry, I'll leave a suspense here and tell you later. In addition, the elegant white of the OnexPlayer Mini Ryzen Edition is not actually a new product in theory, because the OnexPlayer has released a black version with the same performance before, but this time the white version is launched.

Design and Display

The first thing you need to understand is that OnexPlayer Mini Ryzen Edition is a PC handheld device equipped with Windows 11 Home Edition and its own controller , so don't ask what games you can play, Windows 11 system is very playable , online games, 3A game masterpieces, simulators, etc.

OnexPlayer Mini Ryzen Edition has 7.5mm height ALPS original gaming joysticks and multiple buttons on the left and right sides of the screen , and two shoulder buttons and two trigger buttons on the left and right tops. The feel is OK. And there is no drift problem after using the joystick for a period of time. At the same time, the OnexPlayer Mini Ryzen Edition also has a built-in vibration motor and a three-axis gyroscope, which further improves the experience of playing games.

The OnexPlayer mini Ruilong Edition is designed for a 7 -inch touch screen (supports 10 -point touch) and has two versions of 800P/ 1200P resolution. At the same time, in order to solve the need for input operation when using the device, OnexPlayer Mini Ryzen Edition has designed a mouse and keyboard button at the lower right side of the fuselage. Short press can quickly call out the virtual keyboard on any interface, and long press for 1.5s to switch to mouse mode.

At this time, the joystick of the handle is to move the mouse. This design solves the input problem to a certain extent. However, if you need to use the OnexPlayer Mini Ryzen Edition for simple emergency office work, such as: writing documents, I suggest that it is better to use a physical keyboard. , using the virtual keyboard will be slightly cumbersome.

For a handheld, the shell design can also be said to occupy a part of the overall experience. The shell of the OnexPlayer Mini Ryzen Edition adopts an advanced UV custom coating, which has a matte texture and will not hold the game for a long time. It is fingerprint-stained and non-slip. For people like me who are prone to sweating and oily palms, I like this shell design. At the same time, the hollow part on the back of the fuselage is the air inlet of the cooling fan, and the air outlet is located at the top.

OnexPlayer Mini Ryzen Edition adopts an S -curve design on the back handle grip. The advantage of this design is that when the palm is held, it can not only bring a good grip, but also make the palm fit better with the holding position, and at the same time It can also reduce the palm fatigue that occurs when holding for a long time. I personally measured that there is no fatigue and discomfort in the palm and wrist after two hours of gaming (varies from person to person).

The weight of the OnexPlayer Mini Ryzen Edition is about 619 grams. I think this weight can be controlled in products such as PC handhelds. It is almost the weight of a 600ml bottle of beverage. 

Maybe some friends are still not satisfied with this weight, but you must know that the OnexPlayer Mini Ryzen Edition is just a 7 -inch PC handheld, and the hard disk, motherboard, 48Wh battery, cooling fan, etc. must be stuffed under such a small body. It's not easy. If you want to make it lighter, for example: further reducing the battery capacity, it is estimated that everyone will complain again.

Anyway, I personally think that the weight of the OnexPlayer Mini Ryzen Edition is very reasonable and balanced.

Gaming Performance of OnexPlayer Mini Ryzen Edition

The above-mentioned design of appearance, feel, shell, etc. actually does not completely determine the experience of a PC handheld. The most important thing is to look at the performance. If the performance is not strong enough, it directly reflects the game performance. The OnexPlayer Mini Ryzen Edition is equipped with AMD Ryzen 7 5800U processor ; the graphics card is AMD 's Vega 8 -core display; the full version of the memory is 16GB LPDDR4X dual-channel ( 4266MHz ); the hard disk has different versions, divided into 512GB/1TB/ 2TB . After the performance test with Master Lu, I got a score of 873780. The CPU score is good, but the graphics card score is not high enough.

One Handheld officially said that the hard disk reading speed of the OnexPlayer Mini Ryzen Edition can reach 2242MB/s , and the writing speed can reach 1798MB/s. I also tested it with two speed measurement software, and you can see the test results. The read / write speed is indeed similar to what the official said.

For products such as PC handhelds, how to design good heat dissipation is also a problem, but the OnexPlayer Mini Ryzen Edition seems to have delivered a good answer and set a benchmark. The OnexPlayer Mini Ryzen Edition uses a combination of high-speed fans, double copper tubes and pure aluminum heat dissipation fins.

I used AIDA 64 to conduct a single-bake FPU test for half an hour , and I can see the CPU temperature of the OnexPlayer Mini Ryzen Edition. Very stable, there is no situation where the heat dissipation cannot be suppressed, that is, there is no major fluctuation, and the CPU Diode is displayed at 61 degrees Celsius at the end of the test.

Well, finally let's take a look at the performance of the OnexPlayer Mini Ryzen Edition in playing games. The first game is still our test "old friend" "Genshin Impact". When the high image quality is turned on, the FPS of the OnexPlayer Mini Ryzen Edition can reach 55 , and if the medium and low FPS are turned on, it can reach 60 .

If you switch to very high graphics quality, the FPS can be up to 45 , but I don't think it is necessary, usually mid-range graphics quality is enough to play, and the FPS is higher. In addition, the OnexPlayer Mini Ryzen Edition I started is a 1280*800 resolution version, and the upper limit of the game resolution can only be 800P, so all the game performance tests in this article are in the 800P environment.

Needless to say, playing DNF online games with OnexPlayer Mini Ryzen Edition is not a problem at all.

Now let me tell you how to play DNF with the OnexPlayer Mini Ryzen Edition of the handle . Although DNF supports custom keyboard settings, and the handle buttons of the OnexPlayer Mini Ryzen Edition also support being set, but the handle buttons of the OnexPlayer Mini Ryzen Edition are not enough, and there are only 14 shortcut keys for DNF light skills , which is not counting the items. hot key.

To solve the problem of insufficient keys is actually very simple, just install a key mapping software to achieve the effect of "combination keys". To put it simply, the shoulder key can be set as a trigger condition through the software.

Press and hold the shoulder key and then press another key, such as: A key, then it can be mapped to another key, for example: set the "left shoulder key + A key" combination is mapped to the corresponding " A " skill key in the game. In this way, the left shoulder button plus A/B/X/Y can map four buttons, and the right shoulder button also maps four buttons. If you add the left and right trigger buttons, the buttons are completely sufficient.

However, playing DNF with OnexPlayer Mini Ryzen Edition under such circumstances requires a certain amount of time to get familiar with it. In fact, if you just move bricks and level up, you don't need to use button mapping, that is, you can use very few skills and basic attacks. Clear the map, no other skills are used. But in any case, once you are familiar with it, it is really cool to play DNF in the handheld mode . It is self-evident that you can play on the sofa anytime, anywhere, and this kind of portable game experience is something that desktop computers and laptops cannot provide at all. .

Using OnexPlayer Mini Ryzen Edition  to play "Horizon 4" in high-definition, the FPS can be basically stable at 60 , and if the FPS is super high, the FPS will be 50. With the built-in vibration motor, there will be acceleration and impact in such racing games. Vibration feedback can make the game more immersive.

In addition, some friends may feel: If you play masterpiece games with 800P resolution, will the screen display effect be bad? In fact, it is not. Although the screen resolution of the OnexPlayer Mini Ryzen Edition is only 1280*800 , the screen of Ta is small. I had this idea at first, but after touching the real machine and actually playing it, I can feel that the 800P screen is completely enough . Use and display effect is not bad.

Let's see how the OnexPlayer Mini Ryzen Edition will play some games with high performance requirements. When playing "Cyberpunk 2077 " in low quality, the FPS can go up to 36 , but it will not work if you open a higher gear, and it will drop below 30 .

In addition, unless otherwise stated, the games tested in this article are basically played under the power consumption of CPU 15W , while "Cyberpunk 2077 " is played for 25 minutes under the above picture quality , the average frame rate is 32 , and the average processor power is 32. consumption is 15.42 .

The FPS of "Elden Ring" can be up to 53 in low-definition , if it is changed to high-definition, the FPS can be more than 30, but the highest image quality is not good, and the FPS is below 30.

What is more interesting is that the CPU power consumption is adjusted to 10W and the FPS can reach more than 28 when playing in high picture quality.

After 16 minutes of playing under such conditions , you can see an average frame rate of 31 and an average processor power consumption of 9.92 .

Of course, not all games can reduce the power consumption. For example, "Ghostwire: Tokyo" requires 20W power consumption to make the FPS reach more than 30 .

In addition to playing online games and action-type 3A masterpiece games, I also like to play some decryption-type horror games on Steam . These types of games are very rare on mobile phones. It is also good to play such games occasionally.

As for battery life, this is related to the power consumption of the whole machine. Taking the official 15W game for 2.5 hours under full load as an example, the greater the power consumption, the shorter the battery life, and vice versa.

By the way, based on the characteristics of the Windows 11 system, OnexPlayer Mini Ryzen Edition can also install the "Android Subsystem" to further enrich the overall experience. However, the subsystem currently splits some memory, so it's up to you to experience it or not.

OnexPlayer Mini Ryzen Edition can actually play in high resolution when playing some games, but how to do it if you start with the 800P version and want to play in high resolution? OnexPlayer Mini Ryzen Edition has a full-featured Type-C interface on the top and bottom, so you can connect devices such as portable screens and set them as the main screen.

Like now "Horizon 4 " can turn on high resolution.

However, I think that connecting to displays such as portable screens should be more of an office scene.


After this article was published, I think some friends may say: Why not buy laptops, desktop computers, game consoles, etc., and I want to say that your desktop computers and game consoles can be carried around and played at any time? People who want to buy laptops may not consider PC handhelds; and those who have PCs may already have laptops, so PCs are a device that can provide a portable way to play games, not a laptop.

Computers, desktop computers, and game consoles are the same type of products, so there is no need to compare or compare them. I just want to play PC games and some games on steam while lying on the bed, on the sofa, or on the subway bus. PC handheld, is there a better choice?

As for the shortcomings, I think there are three points. The first point is that the hard disk cannot be replaced by yourself unless you can disassemble it; the second point is that when playing different games, there is no official recommended setting for CPU power consumption; the third point is the USB port. A little less, there is only 1 at present , just add another one.

The above is the test experience of OnexPlayer Mini Ryzen Edition . The article space is limited, and some mainstream popular games may not be tested. If you have a game that you want me to test, please let me know and let us discuss together.


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