The First Convertiable PC GPD Pocket 3 Launched on Indiegogo


GPD is a pocket pc brands maker specializing in portable windows and android based PCs.According to latest news from GPD official, this new handheld laptop is crowdingfuding for their new GPD Pocket 3 PC on indiegogo platform.The least expensive basic edition package with an Intel N6000 processor and stylus that costs $650. This is a GPD pocket mini pc specially designed for operation and maintenance engineers.

According to the crowdfunding website, the product consists of three sets:

Pocket 3 with Intel i7-1195G7 proccessor & Stylus Priced at $998

Pocket 3 with Intel i7-1195G7 proccessor & Stylus & Module Priced at $1078

Pocket 3 with Intel N6000 proccessor & Stylus Priced at $650

Pocket 3 with Intel N6000 proccessor & Module Stylus Priced at $730

What's the difference between the Pocket 3 basic and upgrade edition ?

Pocket 3 powered by Intel Core I7-1195 G7 processor.  This flagship upgrade edition has Quad Core with eight threads, a cache of 12MB, a maximum core frequency of 5.00ghz, and a maximum TDP of 28W.  The processor is equipped with a sharp torch Xe core display, with 96 execution units and a maximum frequency of 1.4GHz.  A Pentium N6000 processor is also optional.  
The GPD Pocket 3 standard version equipped with Intel Pentium Silver N6000 Processor with 16GB LPDDR4x memory, while NVMe SSDS are available with 512GB and 1TB.  As you can see, the Pocket 3 handheld PC has a ThinkPad-like mouse button in the upper left corner and a power button in the middle, which is expected to have fingerprint recognition.

GPD Pocket 3 Main Features:

8-inch IPS screen featuring great outdoor visibility, 180-degree opening and DC dimming, a bright and vivid display for your content consumption pleasure;

The specifically developed swivel screen allows clockwise screen rotation around the Y axis, allowing you to share the screen content with everyone around;

Supports active stylus with 4096-level pressure sensor, supports original handwriting and compatible with Surface Pen;

Supports EIA RS-232 serial interface expansion module, which makes Pocket 3 a true mobile workstation for operation and maintenance engineers;

Supports single-port KVM (with HDMI IN and USB IN) control module for system and network management on multiple server platforms;

Supports Wi-Fi 6, with theorical 300MB/s download speed, transmission speed and throughput that are nearly 5 times those of Wi-Fi 5;

Ergonomic mouse + touchpad layout optimized for thumb control while holding the device with two hands;

10000mAh high-capacity battery that supports 45W PD fast charge and 9 hours of video playback;

Supports mainstream PD power banks, which allow 45W or higher input power for faster charging;

Built-in 2 million pixel camera for online communication with family and friends anytime, anywhere;

2.5G Ethernet card with ground-breaking transmission rate that is 2.5 times the theoretical speed of gigabit broadband;

If you want to know more features please click this indiegogo platform, according to the latest figures available, the Full-featured Handheld PC has raised over $160,000 in less than three hours. 


If your job title is operation and maintenance engineers, whic version pocket pc do you want to order ? I'd rather buy an upgraded version with an Intel i7-1195G7 than a regular one. Because they're only $348 off the price of their basic package. The best option is the $1,078 package, which is a cost-effective investment for your work.

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