Mechrevo 14 Pro Ultra 5 125H Review: How does the 2024 type behave?


Among many brands, Mechrevo is quite outstanding in many aspects. Mechrevo 14 Pro has attracted much attention for its excellent performance and excellent design. This article will give you a comprehensive introduction of this notebook from various aspects such as appearance and material, screen display, CPU processors, Ram and Rom, graphics cards, price analysis, battery life, interfaces, heat dissipation, and purchasing advice.

Appearance and material

Mechrevo 14 Pro is pretty novel in design. With the new upgraded heat dissipation architecture, the dual 6mm heat pipe is upgraded to 6mm plus 8mm heat pipe, and the heat dissipation efficiency is increased by 15%. What is more striking is its vertical shaft design, which can be opened and closed at a large angle of 180° without blocking the outlet, thus ensuring a strong heat dissipation effect. After many times forming, with CNC fine carving technology, the body  texture is smooth and sturdy. The transition between C and D side is more natural and seamless, making the overall structure more solid.

Screen display

The 14-inch Mechanical Mechrevo 14 Pro is equipped with an ultra-clear display with 2.8K high resolution and 120Hz high refresh rate, allowing users to enjoy smoother and more delicate visual images in office, business or gaming scenarios. The colors are more outstanding and the picture quality is more excellent, providing users with an fantastic visual experience. The two-in-one fingerprint boot design is more considerate and make usage easier.

CPU processors

Mechrevo 14 Pro is equipped with Intel Core Ultra 5125H processor, which has powerful performance of 14 cores and 18 threads. The performance of this processor has been greatly improved, providing users with a smoother operating experience. At the same time, it is equipped with Intel ARC Graphics core graphics card, which further improves graphics processing performance, making it easier to handle graphics-intensive tasks.

Ram and Rom

In addition to a powerful processor, the Mechrevo 14 Pro is equipped with dual-memory dual-solid-state bits, expandable up to 64GB+8TB. This configuration ensures smooth operation of the system, while providing enough storage space to meet the needs of users for large files and multitasking.

Graphics card

In terms of Graphics processing, the Mechrevo 14 Pro uses Intel ARC Graphics core graphics card to bring users more excellent graphics performance. You can easily handle any task whether it is design, game or video editing. The addition of this configuration makes this laptop significantly improve the overall performance.

Price analysis

The Mechrevo 14 Pro's powerful configuration in performance seems to make people think of high prices. However, the price of this thin book is relatively affordable, only 969 dollars. Considering its advanced thermal design, high-resolution screen, powerful processor and graphics card configuration, the price is definitely worthy.

Battery life

The Mechrevo 14 Pro is equipped with a 60Wh battery, which provides users with a long battery life. Equipped with 100W nitride fast charging source, so that users can fill the battery in a short time, bringing great convenience.


In terms of interface, the Mechrevo 14 Pro has a wealth of expansion options. In addition to two USB-A interfaces, it is also equipped with Type-C non-lightning port, HDMI interface and Lightning 4 high-speed interface, 40Gbps bandwidth expansion without pressure. This design enable it transmit faster and allows users to easily connect various peripherals to meet the needs of different scenarios.

Heat dissipation

What is remarkable, that the Mechrevo 14 Pro uses a newly upgraded heat dissipation architecture, and the unique design makes the heat dissipation effect strong and stable. Although it is running large-scale software for a long time or high-intensity games, it can maintain a good heat dissipation state to ensure the stability and performance of the device.

Purchase advice

For users looking for performance and portability, the Mechrevo 14 Pro is undoubtedly an ideal choice. Its powerful processor, advanced cooling design, high-resolution screen and affordable price make this laptop stand out from its peers. Take it home If you are a professional with high performance needs, or are passionate about gaming.

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