OneXPlayer Mini Gundam Limited Edition Review


The e-sports industry has developed very rapidly in recent years. Many types of games are emerging, and game equipment has become more and more diversified. However, on the whole, mobile games and PC games are more popular. All kinds of game devices have their own advantages, such as the Nintendo Switch, which is portable and has a strong sense of operation for playing games, but games need to be bought separately and are very expensive.

Compared with the Switch, the computing speed of the desktop computer is faster, but the huge size also makes it not portable. Although notebook computers are relatively thin and light, they are still not extreme enough for special gamers, so smaller handheld computers appeared. It can use the same functions as a computer while being extremely portable. The only thing that many players regret is the lack of the sense of operation of the Switch console.

As a result, the handheld computer equipped with Windows system came into being, and it is no longer a dream to put STEAM games in your pocket. A few years ago, the performance of the processor and the power consumption ratio were not enough. It might only be enough to play for five minutes with a large battery on the back. Windows handhelds may only exist in the geek circle. But now, the performance of the processor has been able to drive the game to run smoothly at 1080p resolution with only 10 watts of power consumption. But how much power can such a small handheld have? The answer lies in the recently released OneXPlayer Mini Gundam Limited Edition handheld.


The design of the OneXPlayer Mini Gundam Limited Edition incorporates the elements of the original Gundam RX-78-2. The body as a whole is mainly white, and the cross keys and XYAB keys are decorated with Gundam blue and Gundam red colors. It looks very sentimental, and Has a richer visual effect. The whole machine is made of ABS material, so that the body only weighs about 620g.

In terms of interfaces, the OneXPlayer mini is equipped with a USB-C4.0 interface on the top of the limited edition machine, which can be connected to a Thunderbolt graphics dock or a 4K monitor; a USB-A3.0 interface and a 3.5mm audio interface; and a 3.5mm audio interface at the bottom of the machine. USB-C3.2 interface, it supports video output, and can also be connected to the OneXPlayer custom docking station. It can be said to be a small handheld with powerful specifications.

In terms of handle buttons, it follows the classic dislocation layout of the mini version, using the original Japanese ALPS gaming joystick, linear trigger and micro-shoulder button. The back handle of this handheld is designed with an S-curve, which is ergonomically designed to provide a very comfortable grip.


In addition, the OneXPlayer Mini Gundam Limited Edition uses a 7-inch full-fit IPS screen with a native resolution of 1920x1200, supports point-to-point zoom, and ten-point touch. In addition, the official also provides a native 1280x800 resolution version for players to choose freely. For a 7-inch screen, whether it is 1280×800 resolution or 1920×1200 resolution, it actually has a very high pixel density. Therefore, it should be emphasized that the bigger the resolution, the better, each screen size has its own suitable resolution.

The Windows system used by the OneXPlayer Mini Gundam Limited Edition handheld is not castrated, and the operation is the same as the normal Windows system computer. As long as you can use a desktop computer, you can directly operate the OneXPlayer Mini Gundam Limited Edition handheld.

Hardware Performance

The hardware environment is an important factor in determining the game experience, so the running score of hardware data is essential. This handheld is equipped with Intel's latest 12th-generation Core i7-1260P processor. The i7-1260P adopts Intel's new large and small core technology, 12 cores and 16 threads (4 performance cores, 8 energy efficiency cores), and the turbo frequency can be Up to 4.7GHz, L3 cache 18MB.


In addition, the processor has a built-in 11th-generation iRISXe core display and a 96EU execution unit. The maximum dynamic frequency is increased to 1.40GHz.


Next, use AIDA64 to run the memory performance. The memory of this handheld uses 16GB dual-channel LPDDR5 memory with a frequency of 5200MHz; its read and write performance does not disappoint, with a read performance of 66416MB/s and a write performance of 5200MHz. 64261MB/s, the performance is even twice that of the general DDR4.

Crystal DiskMark

The hard drive of this handheld is an M.2 2280 NVMe solid state drive, supports PCIE3.0x4, and has an ideal DiskMark score. The read speed is 2434.97MB/s, and the write speed is 1922MB/s. This read and write speed is completely sufficient for running game programs on the handheld, and the same is true for the game testing session later.


AIDA64 Copy Test

We then use AIDA64 to test the OneXPlayer Mini Gundam Limited Edition handheld to see if this handheld can withstand the pressure of high-load applications. After 60 minutes of copying, the temperature of the CPU is around 67 degrees. Thanks to a reasonable cooling system, its temperature performance is relatively good in a continuous high-performance operating environment, and there is no adverse reaction such as a green screen of death.

Gaming Test

There may be many friends who are more confused. Many large-scale 3A games on the desktop require a desktop-level CPU with high performance and a discrete graphics card to run. This handheld only uses the i7-1260P processor for mobile terminals. Is it enough? In fact, under the 7-inch display of the handheld, if a game can achieve a frame rate of more than 30FPS, it is already similar to the visual effect of 60 frames on a normal display. The actual look and feel is smooth, and we hardly notice anything. The problem of screen freezing, which means that its actual performance requirements for the processor are much lower than that of desktop computers.

Regarding the picture quality, in fact, you don’t need to use the high-quality mode to experience 3A masterpieces on a small screen. Generally speaking, you will have a good texture experience when playing in medium-quality and low-quality. The positioning of OneXPlayer mini is more It is a mobile game scene. In the situation that the game console cannot be satisfied, the handheld is a supplement.

Next, we will test several popular game masterpieces. Except for Honkai Impact 3rd, the other three games all use 1280x800 resolution, low-quality mode to run, and adjust the CPU power consumption to 28W in the BIOS to run the game.

Forza Horizon 5


Test frame rate software: MSI Afterburner, this is a multi-functional software that can record the number of frames in the game, and can also test the average number of frames in the game. The average frame rate of the OneXPlayer Mini Gundam Limited Edition handheld is 48 frames, and the experience can reach the level of a smooth game in terms of look and feel. You can also upgrade to medium quality to achieve a higher picture level, and the actual playability is very high. I highly recommend you to play racing games like Forza Horizon 5 and Need for Speed on this handheld.

Honkai Impact 3rd

This game is still one of the mainstream online games, produced by Mihayou. Through the test of the whole battle, the OneXPlayer mini Gundam joint limited edition handheld can maintain an average frame rate of 60 frames in Honkai Impact 3rd without screen tearing . This also means that the popular Honkai Impact 3rd and "Yuanshen" games can run smoothly on this handheld, which is a new game-end choice for Yuanshen fans.


Elden Ring

Elden Ring is a game that natively adapts to the controller. It is quite popular at present. OneXPlayer mini Gundam's joint limited edition handheld has achieved a good result of 56.5FPS in Elden Ring. As mentioned above, a game with a 30FPS screen performance on the handheld has actually achieved a fairly smooth running performance, and will not notice the screen stuttering and tearing, which is a surprise to the author. , it seems that you can really play console masterpieces anytime, anywhere.


Shadow of The Tomb Raider


Shadow of The Tomb Raider can reach about 43 FPS in the actual test, and there is no problem in running smoothly. Outdoor camping or commuting, a hearty 3A game battle is also an experience that ordinary mobile games cannot give. ,Pretty good. After a round of testing, if the game in your handheld naturally adapts to the handle mode, it is simply not suitable for playing with it. Of course, it is also equipped with a wealth of full-blooded specification interfaces. It can also be used as a small host when connected to a keyboard, mouse and monitor. The actual usage scenarios are quite rich, which is very suitable for game enthusiasts.


In terms of battery life, the limited-edition battery of the OneXPlayer mini is a 48Wh fast-charging battery. It comes standard with a 100W gallium nitride power adapter. It can play at full load for about 2.5 hours on a single charge, and can use a mobile power supply that supports the PD protocol for battery life at any time. With Wi-Fi6 technology, compared with Wi-Fi5G, the wireless connection speed is greatly improved, which allows the handheld to have strong battery life and stable connection.

Whether you are playing stand-alone or online games, this handheld can control , In addition, the large fan + double copper tube cooling system also ensures the performance of the whole machine. The air outlet is on the top of the handheld, with up to 4.7CFM of air output. The main heat source is also in the middle, not the handle holding part. It's nice and doesn't interfere with the grip at the same time. With so many hardware guarantees, how does it perform in Steam games? Let's test it now.

Our Verdict

The OneXPlayer Mini Gundam Limited Edition handheld is a trendy electronic product in the new era. The screen size is a 7-inch touch screen, and the overall use of handheld interaction. In addition, the OneXPlayer mini Gundam co-branded limited-edition handheld uses Intel Core i7-1260P, which uses a 10nm process to provide better battery life while ensuring performance. In terms of games, it can also play some popular online games and some large-scale stand-alone games. If you find someone playing "Elden Ring with a small device on the subway in the future, it may be the brand new OneXPlayer Mini Gundam Limited Edition handheld, trendy and portable. This machine is currently on sale, starting at $1,178, and interested players can click the link below to buy it.

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